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Terms & Conditions


Trek Nepal Himalayas Pvt Ltd   is a fully certified company in Nepal by TAAN, Nepal Mountaineering Association, Viator, Tripadvisor, Lonely Planet &   Tourism Department of Nepal Government.   A complete company  for all types of Adventure within Nepal and beyond to other Himalayan destinations, Bhutan, India and Tibet, providing customers friendly environment and dedicated offering the very best of high quality services with safe / secure money worth of enjoyable adventure holidays.  


  When ready after planning a trip you for booking, must send Trek Nepal Himalayas Pvt Ltd   a form filled with full details of your passport and of the areas and trip chosen with 35 % non-refundable of chosen trip amount, this will be added with the full balance payment on your arrival in Nepal.   On receiving passport details with scanned / photo-copy, along with booking forms, then we will send you a full confirmation with receipts of the deposit payments.   Please contact Trek Nepal Himalayas Pvt Ltd   for direct deposit to our bank account and as well for Credit Card payment, we do accept Visa or Master Card with extra surcharge of 04 % as a levy charge.


Trip cancellation has to be done within duration of two weeks with minimum of Ten days before your arrival in Nepal for related trip departure this should be made in writing.   Cancellation shall be valid only after receiving a notice by the company. Trip will be termed as canceled with cancellation fees of 30% which will be deducted from your advance payment on booking.   There will be no refund of CANCELLATION NOTICE of less than Ten days, and if he or she quits and leaves a certain trip for any other reasons or whatsoever purpose, either voluntarily or involuntarily, the company will not provide refund or reimburse the client in order we can make a letter to claim from your valid insurance if needed.   If you are prevented from traveling by a genuine circumstance or reasons, for examples, death, injury or serious illness of the passenger, close relative or friend, redundancy or jury service, you may postpone or transfer your trip to another person, provided he or she meets all the requirements relating to respective tour chosen and accepted.  


It's more than obvious that all clients must have valid passport with least of 6 months validity. Nepalese visas can be obtained on arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, Nepal or from your home country Nepalese Embassy and Consulates.  


In order to book Bhutan trips, you must send TRIP BOOKING FORM prior to 30 days with 40 % Payment in advance. This payment should be done per person.   For direct deposit in our bank account, please contact Sherpa Climbing.com, as we have right to cancel your trip in case you do not pay us on time. We accept Visa and MasterCard with extra 04% surcharge or levy as processing fee.   In certain cases and circumstances, we might accept your last minute booking prior to 20 days of your arrival date.  


There will be no refund if he or she cancels the trip or leaves the trip for any reason whatsoever. There will also be no refund for any meals, accommodation or services not used.   (II) If you are prevented from traveling, there will be no refund either. You do not have transferring or postponing options as the Bhutanese government has strict Tourism policies.  


A client must have a passport with at least 6 months validity. As you are unable to obtain visa to Bhutan, you need to send your passport details to us for visa applications at least 45 days prior to your arrival in Nepal.  


  Cancellation notice is to be sent 20 days prior to our trip departure date and should be in writing. Cancellation shall be valid only after the approval from Trek Nepal Himalayas Pvt Ltd and after deduction of 50% from the trip amount send to us as an advance payment.   There will be no refund to clients who provide cancellation notice in less than 20 days. There will also be no refund to clients if he or she leaves a trip for any reason whatsoever, either voluntarily or involuntarily, and the company will not entertain you with refund.