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Dashain 2019


Dashain 2019
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Dashain is the biggest festival of the Nepal. Dashain is celebrated by Buddhists, Hindus and Kirats of Nepal. Dashain is celebrated for 15 days. Dashain 2019 falls on October starting from September 29.

In Hindu Mythology, the demon Mahishasura created a terror in the world of gods. Due to this, there was a big battle between different manifestations of Durga and Mahishasura. On the tenth day, Mahishasura was defeated. For other Hindus, Dashain symbolizes the victory of Lord Rama over Ravan as mentioned in Ramayana.
This festival symbolizes the triumph of truth over evil. During Dashain, people visit different elder relatives to collect blessing from them so that they can manifest the truth inside them and defeat the evil thoughts and negatives in them.

The major activities in each of 15 days is given below:
Day 1: Ghatasthapana
Ghatathapana is made from two words: Ghata and sthapana. Ghata means pot and sthapana means establish. A Kalash(pot) is filled with holy water and sewn with barley seed and put in center of rectangular sand block. Kalash is kept so that direct sunlight don’t reach it.
Devi Shailaputri is worshipped in this day as the absolute form of mother nature.

Day 2:
Devi bhramhacharini is worshipped in this day for confidence, mental balance and emotional strength.

Day 3:
Devi Chandraghanta is worshipped in this day to gain the strength to repel negative energy.

Day 4:
Devi Kushmanda is worshipped in this day for health, wealth and prosperity.

Day 5:
Devi Skanda Mata is worshipped in this day. She is known for wisdom and power.

Day 6:
Devi Katyayani is worshipped in this day. She is known for her anger to defend truth and her ability to love.

Day 7: Phulpati
On this day, a ceremony is held in Tundikhel grounds by Nepalese Army.
Devi Kalaratri is worshipped in this day for elimination of ignorance and darkness. She is believed to be most violent among the manifestations of Durga.

Day 8: Maha Asthami
On this day, Goddess Kali is appeased with sacrifice of different animals throughout the nation.
Devi Mahagauri is worshipped in this day. Mahagauri means clean and bright like a light.

Day 9: Maha Navami
On this day, Vishvakarman is worshipped along with different tools and equipments and even vechicles.
Devi Siddhidatri is worshipped in this day to provide us the knowledge.

Day 10: Bijaya Dashami
On this day, mixture of rice, yogurt and vermilion is created and this is called ‘tika’. The barley seeds on Kalash grows and reach almost half feet in height which is called ‘jamara’. Now, the elders put tika and jamara on heads of younger ones with blessings. From this day onwards, young people visit elder relatives especially maternal uncles home and in laws home. This provides special meeting opportunity in every year among relatives. People continue visiting relatives for next 5 days for collecting blessings.

Day 15: Kojagrat Purnima
This day marks the end of Dashain. On this day, Goddess Laxmi believed to be goddess of wealth is worshipped and is believed that she showers wealth and prosperity to whoever is awake all night.

On Dashain, people have traditions of constructing bamboo swings known by the name of ‘Linge Ping’ and this is visible in sub urbs and rural parts of Nepal as they isnot enough space in Urban areas. Other things people do specially in Dashain is flying kites. In cities, we can see sky decorated with kites.

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