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Mani Rimdu Festival


Mani Rimdu Festival
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Mani Rimdu festival is a devilishly popular & colorful occasion that takes place in the most spectacular of settings in the foothills of the Himalayas. The Mani Rimdu Festival is celebrating among Sherpa community belong to Mahayana-Nying-Mapa sect by Guru Rimpoche ( Padma Sambhawa), the Buddhist spiritual leader. The festival started to celebrate since 1930 AD in the Tengboche Monastery. Performed by the monks of Chiwong and Tengboche monasteries, it depicts the victory of Buddhism over the ancient ‘Bon’ religion. The Rimdu festival takes place every year in the Month of November on the full moon. The celebration date may vary upon Tibetan Calendar. During the Mani Rimdu festival, numerous of monks perform masked dance celebrating the victory of Buddhism over Bon-Po religion in the region.