Travel in Nepal after COVID- 19 Pandemic

Mission Computer

“Mission Computer “is a project run by Trek Nepal Himalayas to provide at least two sets of computers in a village called Chainpur. We are giving 5% of the profit of every trip to the project. We are also welcoming the kind hearts who are interested giving their helping hands and nurturing the future of the kids.
This age is regarded as the age of the computers but the kids here are no way near to using the computers. They know what computers is but most of the them will touch them or use them in their early twenties only.  To make the kids, familiar with the computers and the techs, we as a team and as the responsible youths, and as a villager grown up with same kinds of feeling, we feel it will be a wonderful thing to make them to use the computer.
As a village kid, s/he needs to help their parents in the works. S/he needs to cut the grass, clean the cow/buffalo’s dung, graze the goats/cows or need to do other seasonable jobs. And we want to see them managing at least an hour of the time to learn the things which will help them in the future.
So, whoever are interested in this novel cause can join us. Both, we have booked the trip with us is helping directly to the project, and whoever wants to get involve with this project can join us. We will be giving all the details of the project and naming the people who helped, helping and will help us in this project.