Travel in Nepal after COVID- 19 Pandemic



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Nuwakot district of Province 3 Nepal Coordinates: 27°54′49″N 85°09′53″, it’s also a central part of Nepal which is attached between Kathmandu, Dhading, Rasuwa, and Sindhupalchok. It is rich in water resource and electricity. There is a big river like Trishuli which is the main source of water and hydropower and other small many rivers. Actually, Nuwakot view point is a small town in Nuwakot district. It Located just near 68 km west of Kathmandu, known as a historic place. It was the capital of Nepal before the unification of Nepal by Prithvi Narayan Shah. More than 10th century the hilltop had served as a lookout and fort (kot) guarding the western entrance to Kathmandu Valley. This district served as an important trading hub for the Malla kings of the Valley as the main transit route used for trade between India and Tibet via Keung. Nuwakot making from the hill as main forts including other eight forts: Bhairabkot, Belkot, Kalikot, Salyankot, Dhuwankot, Malakot, Simalkot and Pyaskot in its surrounding area, collectively name as ‘Nawakot'(Nau kot).