13 Nights 14 Days Bhutan Tour

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13 Nights 14 Days Bhutan Tour
Trip Duration 14 Days
Max-Altitude 1500
Group Size 1-15
Start & End Point Kathmandu
Trip Difficulty Easy
Best Season Spring and Autumn
Trip Price
US$ 5200
US$ 5080 Per Person
Trip Introduction

Overview of 13 Nights 14 Days Bhutan Tour

Participate in a captivating 14 Days Bhutan Tour, an unforgettable journey through the mystical Land of the Thunder Dragon. This comprehensive Bhutan holiday package is meticulously designed to showcase Bhutan’s unparalleled beauty, rich culture, and spiritual depth. From the vibrant streets of Thimphu to the serene heights of the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, every step in this Bhutan tour is a discovery of new wonders.

Discover Thimphu’s urban charms, where traditional Bhutanese culture meets modernity. Journey through the breathtaking Dochu La Pass, offering panoramic views of the Himalayan ranges. In Punakha, marvel at the architectural grandeur of Punakha Dzong and find peace at the Chimi Lhakhang. The tour takes you further into the heart of Bhutanese heritage in the Phobjikha Valley and Trongsa, where the rich Tibetan legacy is palpable.

Explore the serene Bumthang Valley and the unspoiled beauty of the Ha Valley, capturing the essence of Bhutan’s natural landscapes. The climax of your Bhutan holiday is the ascent to the iconic Taktsang Monastery, a spiritual journey that symbolizes the transformative nature of this 14 Days Bhutan Tour. Book now and immerse yourself in an experience that transcends the ordinary, offering a unique blend of adventure, peace, and cultural enlightenment.

Highlights of Your 14 Days Bhutan Tour

  1. Thimphu’s Cultural Fusion: Kick off your Bhutan holiday in Thimphu, where ancient traditions meet modern life. Explore landmarks like the Buddha Dordenma Statue and the National Memorial Chorten, and delve into Bhutan’s heritage at the Folk Heritage Museum and the National Institute of Traditional Medicine.
  2. The Panoramic Dochu La Pass: Experience the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas at Dochu La Pass, a key highlight of any Bhutan tour. This scenic spot offers spectacular views and is a perfect introduction to the natural wonders of Bhutan.
  3. Punakha’s Architectural Marvels: Discover the majestic Punakha Dzong, a stunning example of Bhutanese architecture. Nearby, the Chimi Lhakhang, known as the Temple of Fertility, adds a unique cultural aspect to your Bhutan holiday.
  4. Phobjikha Valley’s Natural Splendor: Visit the serene Phobjikha Valley, home to the rare Black Necked Cranes. The valley’s untouched beauty and the spiritual Gangtey Monastery make it a must-visit destination on your 14 Days Bhutan Tour.
  5. Trongsa’s Tibetan Heritage: Explore the rich Tibetan history in Trongsa. The imposing Trongsa Dzong and the insightful Ta Dzong museum offer a deep dive into the region’s past, enriching your Bhutan tour experience.
  6. Bumthang Valley’s Tranquility: Bumthang Valley, often considered the spiritual heart of Bhutan, is known for its beautiful landscapes and sacred sites like Jambay Lhakhang and Kurjey Lhakhang, providing a peaceful retreat on your Bhutan holiday.
  7. Hike to Taktsang Monastery: Conclude your Bhutan tour with the iconic hike to Taktsang Monastery, the Tiger’s Nest. This challenging yet rewarding hike is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, offering spiritual solace and stunning views, epitomizing the essence of your journey through Bhutan.
Trip Schedule

Itinerary of 13 Nights 14 Days Bhutan Tour

Accommodation Local Teahouse
Meals Breakfast

Welcome to Paro, Bhutan! On your arrival at Paro International Airport, you will be received by our dedicated guide and driver. Embark on your journey with a scenic transfer to Thimphu, Bhutan’s vibrant capital city. Check-in at your hotel and unwind as you wish, soaking in the local ambience.

Accommodation Local Teahouse
Meals Breakfast

Begin your day with a visit to the majestic Buddha Dordenma Statue, one of the world’s largest Buddha statues. Discover the spiritual charm of the National Memorial Chorten, a beautiful stupa dedicated to Bhutan’s third king. A cultural exploration awaits you at the Folk Heritage Museum and the National Institute of Traditional Medicine. Conclude your day by exploring the bustling local markets and shops in Thimphu.

Accommodation Local Teahouse
Meals Breakfast

Embark on a scenic drive to Punakha, crossing the breathtaking Dochu La Pass. Marvel at panoramic views of the Himalayas and visit the enchanting Druk Wangyal Lhakhang temple. Continue your drive to Punakha, where you’ll check-in at your hotel for an overnight stay.

Accommodation Local Teahouse
Meals Breakfast

Experience the architectural grandeur of Punakha Dzong, an important fortress in Bhutan. Embark on a short hike to Chimi Lhakhang, fondly known as the Temple of Fertility. Spend the rest of the day absorbing the serene beauty of the Punakha Valley.

Accommodation Local Teahouse
Meals Breakfast

Commence your drive to the picturesque Phobjikha Valley, renowned for its natural splendour and the iconic Gangtey Monastery. Visit the Monastery, an important Buddhist site, and learn about the conservation efforts for the endangered Black Necked Cranes.

Accommodation Local Teahouse
Meals Breakfast

Depart from Phobjikha and proceed to Trongsa. Immerse yourself in history at Trongsa Dzong, a fortress of great cultural significance. Visit the Ta Dzong, a converted watchtower that now showcases Bhutanese artefacts. Delve into Trongsa’s Tibetan heritage and its influence on Bhutanese history.

Accommodation Local Teahouse
Meals Breakfast

Embark on a journey to Jakar, the heart of Bumthang Valley. Visit Jakar Dzong, one of Bhutan’s largest fortresses, and explore the town to experience the local culture.

Accommodation Local Teahouse
Meals Breakfast

Drive through the lush landscapes of Bumthang Valley. Discover the spiritual heritage of Bhutan with visits to Jambay Lhakhang, Kurjey Lhakhang, and Tamzhing Monastery.

Accommodation Local Teahouse
Meals Breakfast

Embark on an exciting full-day excursion to the serene Tang Valley. Explore traditional villages, monasteries, and temples, soaking in the tranquillity of the natural surroundings.

Accommodation Local Teahouse
Meals Breakfast

Take a domestic flight from Bumthang to Paro. Upon arrival, enjoy a scenic drive to the breathtaking Ha Valley. Spend your day exploring the valley, visiting attractions such as the Lhakhang Karpo (White Temple) and Lhakhang Nagpo (Black Temple), both replete with rich historical and cultural significance.

Accommodation Local Teahouse
Meals Breakfast

Spend your day absorbing the natural beauty of the Ha Valley. Embark on a hike to Kila Goempa, a cliffside monastery known for its stunning views. Experience local hospitality in the villages and immerse yourself in the traditional lifestyle and customs of the Ha Valley.

Accommodation Local Teahouse
Meals Breakfast

Depart from Ha and embark on a journey back to Paro. En route, visit Simtokha Dzong, one of Bhutan’s oldest fortresses. Upon arrival in Paro, check-in at your hotel and take the rest of the day to relax or explore at your leisure.

Accommodation Local Teahouse
Meals Breakfast

Embark on a rewarding hike to the revered Taktsang Monastery, known as Tiger’s Nest, perched dramatically on a cliffside. Immerse yourself in the spiritual energy of this iconic site and marvel at the breathtaking views. Return to Paro for an evening of relaxation

Accommodation Local Teahouse
Meals Breakfast

After a leisurely breakfast at your hotel, you will be transferred to Paro International Airport for your departure flight. As you bid farewell to the enchanting kingdom of Bhutan, carry cherished memories of your journey through this mystical land—end of the tour.

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What's Included?

  • Accommodation: 13 nights in comfortable and quality-assured hotels across different cities in Bhutan.
  • Meals: Daily breakfast at the hotel. Depending on the package selected, additional meals (lunch and dinner) may be included.
  • Transportation: All transfers and sightseeing by private air-conditioned vehicle, including airport pick-up and drop-off. Domestic flight from Bumthang to Paro is included.
  • Guided Tours: Professional English-speaking guide services for sightseeing tours.
  • Entrance Fees: All applicable monument entrance fees for sightseeing visits as mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Hiking Expeditions: Guided hike to the Tiger’s Nest and Kila Goempa Monastery.
  • Cultural Experiences: Visits to local markets, villages, and monasteries for an authentic Bhutanese experience.
  • Customer Support: 24/7 customer support during the trip.
  • Travel Insurance: Comprehensive travel insurance for the duration of the tour.
  • Visa Assistance: Assistance with obtaining the Bhutan tourist visa.

What's Excluded?

  • International Airfare: International flights to and from your home country are not included.
  • Visa Fees: Bhutan visa fees are not included and must be paid directly by the traveler.
  • Personal Expenses: Any personal expenses such as laundry, telephone calls, mini bar, tips, gratuities etc. are not included.
  • Meals: Any meals not mentioned in the inclusions, as well as beverages, unless specified.
  • Additional Tours: Any additional sightseeing or optional activities and tours not mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Travel Insurance: Any additional coverage outside the provided travel insurance is not included.
  • Medical Expenses: Any type of medical expenses incurred during the trip.
  • Camera Fees: Camera or video fees at monuments or tourist sites are not included.
  • Early Check-in / Late Check-out: Early check-in or late check-out charges from hotels.
  • Change in Itinerary: Any additional expenses incurred due to change in itinerary due to natural disaster, political unrest, sickness and any unforeseen circumstances.
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Essential Information - 13 Nights 14 Days Bhutan Tour

Exploring Thimphu: The Cultural Heart of Bhutan with 14 Days Bhutan Tour

Begin your unforgettable 14 days Bhutan tour in Thimphu, a vibrant blend of modernity and tradition. Marvel at the grand Buddha Dordenma Statue and find peace at the National Memorial Chorten. Thimphu’s rich culture comes alive at the Folk Heritage Museum and the National Institute of Traditional Medicine, offering a deep dive into the country’s heritage.

Majestic Views and Historical Wonders: From Dochu La Pass to Punakha

Journey through the picturesque Dochu La Pass, with its breathtaking Himalayan vistas, leading you to the architectural marvel of Punakha Dzong and the serene Chimi Lhakhang. This segment of your Bhutan tour is a blend of natural beauty and historical significance, showcasing Bhutan’s rich past.

The Natural Splendor of Phobjikha Valley and Tibetan Heritage of Trongsa

Experience the beauty of the Phobjikha Valley, a haven for endangered Black Necked Cranes. Visit the serene Gangtey Monastery, set against stunning landscapes. In Trongsa, delve into Tibetan heritage at the imposing Trongsa Dzong and the Ta Dzong museum, enriching your Bhutan holiday with historical depth.

Serenity in Bumthang Valley: Discovering Bhutan’s Spiritual Essence

Explore the majestic Jakar Dzong and sacred sites like Jambay Lhakhang in the tranquil Bumthang Valley. The peaceful Tang Valley offers a serene escape, showcasing Bhutan’s spiritual and natural beauty, a highlight of your Bhutan tour.

The Ha Valley and Paro: A Blend of Natural Beauty and Tradition

Return to Paro and explore the pristine Ha Valley, known for its landscapes and temples. This part of your Bhutan holiday combines scenic beauty with cultural exploration, leading up to the climactic hike to the iconic Taktsang Monastery.

The Climax: Hiking to the Iconic Tiger’s Nest Monastery

The highlight of your 14 Days Bhutan Tour is the challenging yet rewarding hike to Taktsang Monastery, the Tiger’s Nest. This spiritual retreat promises peace and breathtaking views, encapsulating the essence of your journey through Bhutan.

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