Luxury Bhutan Tour

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Luxury Bhutan Tour
Trip Duration 7 Days
Max-Altitude 1500
Group Size 1-15
Start & End Point Kathmandu
Trip Difficulty Easy
Best Season Spring and Autumn
Trip Price
US$ 7500
US$ 6500 Per Person
Trip Introduction

Overview of Luxury Bhutan Tour

Prepare to be captivated by the magic of Bhutan on this unforgettable Luxury Bhutan Tour. This meticulously crafted itinerary promises an immersive experience in the captivating kingdom, renowned for its breathtaking Himalayas, vibrant culture, and spiritual serenity.

This private Bhutan tour caters to the discerning traveler, seeking a perfect blend of cultural exploration, unparalleled comfort, and breathtaking landscapes. Imagine soaring into Paro Airport, nestled amidst majestic peaks, marking the beginning of your exploration of the “Land of the Thunder Dragon.”

Over the course of your Bhutan Luxury Travel experience, delve into the heart of Thimphu, the capital city, where tradition thrives alongside modern life. Witness ancient monasteries, encounter friendly locals, and immerse yourself in the unique Bhutanese way of life.

Our carefully curated Bhutan Private Tour then takes you on a scenic journey to Gangtey, a valley famed for its serene beauty and endangered black-necked cranes. Hike amidst pristine landscapes, encounter captivating wildlife, and discover the region’s rich tapestry of customs.

As you wind your way through Punakha and Wangdue, explore historic Dzongs (fortresses) and architectural marvels that stand as testaments to Bhutan’s rich heritage. Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of Punakha, the former capital, and soak in the stunning beauty of the Wangdue Phodrang Valley.

Finally, return to Paro, a charming town nestled in the Paro Valley. Take in the majestic Paro Taktsang (Tiger’s Nest), a cliffside monastery that is a national landmark, before departing with unforgettable memories of your Best Bhutan Tour Package.

Trip Schedule

Itinerary of Luxury Bhutan Tour

Accommodation 5-Star Hotel
Meals Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner

Touch down at Paro Airport (PBH), nestled amidst the majestic peaks of the Himalayas. As you disembark, breathe in the crisp mountain air and soak in the stunning scenery – your Luxury Bhutan Tour begins!Bhutan Tour

Be greeted by your friendly guide and transferred to your luxurious hotel in Paro, a charming town steeped in tradition. Relax and unwind, adjusting to the serene atmosphere of Bhutan.

Car 4-6 hours
Accommodation 4-Star Hotel
Meals Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner

This morning, journey on a scenic drive to Thimphu, Bhutan’s lively capital. Nestled in a verdant valley, Thimphu offers a captivating blend of ancient traditions and modern life. Visit the iconic Trashichho Dzong, Bhutan’s seat of government, and marvel at its impressive architecture.Bhutan Tour (29)

Dive into the vibrant atmosphere of the Thimphu Weekend Market, a treasure trove of local handicrafts, textiles, and souvenirs. In the afternoon, explore the National Folk Heritage Museum, a fascinating window into Bhutanese culture and history. Witness a traditional Bhutanese archery competition in the evening, a national sport known for its unique rituals and camaraderie.

Car 4-6 hours
Accommodation 4-Star Hotel
Meals Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner

After breakfast, begin a breathtaking journey through the scenic Pele La Pass, adorned with prayer flags fluttering in the wind. Descend into the verdant Gangtey Valley, a paradise famed for its serene beauty and the endangered black-necked cranes.Bhutan Trip

Check into your luxurious eco-lodge, built in harmony with the surrounding environment. In the afternoon, visit the Gangtey Monastery, perched atop a hill overlooking the valley, and learn about the region’s rich Buddhist heritage.

Car 4-6 hours
Accommodation 4-Star Hotel
Meals Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner

Awaken to the crisp mountain air and embark on a nature walk through the pristine landscapes of Gangtey Valley. Keep your eyes peeled for the majestic black-necked cranes, known as “dancing birds” for their elaborate courtship rituals.Paro Airport Bhutan Travel

Visit the fascinating Crane Information Center to delve deeper into the conservation efforts of these magnificent creatures. In the afternoon, explore the local villages and interact with the warm and welcoming people of Gangtey.

Car 4-6 hours
Accommodation 4-Star Hotel
Meals Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner

Bid farewell to Gangtey Valley and embark on a scenic journey towards Punakha, Bhutan’s former capital. Witness the breathtaking Punakha Dzong, strategically located at the confluence of two rivers. This architectural marvel is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a testament to Bhutan’s rich cultural heritage.https://thehimalayanjourneys.com/

In the afternoon, continue your journey to Wangdue Phodrang, a picturesque valley renowned for its fertile farmlands and apple orchards. Enjoy a leisurely stroll through the town and soak in the tranquil atmosphere in your Luxury Bhutan Tour.

Car 4-6 hours
Accommodation 4-Star Hotel
Meals Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner

This morning, travel back to Paro, a charming town nestled in the heart of the Paro Valley. Visit the iconic Paro Taktsang (Tiger’s Nest), a cliffside monastery perched precariously on a sheer rock face. Hike up to the monastery for breathtaking views of the valley below and a glimpse into Bhutan’s spiritual heart.Bhutan-Tour

In the afternoon, explore Paro Dzong, a magnificent fortress monastery that houses sacred Buddhist relics and offers a unique insight into Bhutanese history. In the evening, enjoy a traditional Bhutanese farewell dinner, a delightful culmination of your unforgettable journey.

Car 30-60 minutes
Accommodation Excluded
Meals Breakfast

After breakfast, bid farewell to the Land of the Thunder Dragon. Transfer to Paro Airport for your departing flight, carrying with you cherished memories of your Luxury Bhutan Tour.Bhutan Travel Nepal Tour

Added Insights


What's Included?

  • Luxurious Accommodations: Relax and unwind in luxurious accommodations throughout your Luxury Bhutan Tour. Enjoy comfortable twin-sharing rooms or spacious single rooms depending on your travel party.
  • Delectable Cuisine: Savor delicious Bhutanese cuisine and international options for breakfast and dinner at your hotel. Local restaurants will provide a delightful lunch experience, allowing you to taste the authentic flavors of Bhutan.
  • Seamless Travel: Enjoy comprehensive transfers and sightseeing experiences as per the itinerary. Relax and take in the breathtaking scenery as your dedicated driver takes care of the navigation.
  • Expert Guidance: Gain valuable insights and information throughout your journey with a knowledgeable English-speaking guide by your side.
  • Hassle-Free Experience: Government royalties and taxes are all taken care of, ensuring a smooth and stress-free travel experience.
  • Cultural Access: Gain access to Bhutan’s rich culture and history with entrance fees to all included attractions. Explore Dzongs, monasteries, and other cultural landmarks with ease.
  • Hydration on the Go: Stay hydrated throughout your journey with two complimentary bottled waters per person per day provided in the vehicle.

What's Excluded?

  • Personal Insurance: We recommend you purchase comprehensive travel insurance to cover medical expenses, trip cancellation, and other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Beverages: Beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, are not included. This allows for personal preferences and dietary requirements.
  • Personal Expenses: Personal expenses such as tipping, laundry, telephone/fax calls, and camera/video fees are not included.
  • Airfare & Visa: Airfare, visa fees, and airport taxes are not included. This provides flexibility for travellers to arrange their own flights and obtain the necessary visa before arrival.
Good to Know

Essential Information - Luxury Bhutan Tour

Experience the magic of Bhutan on a luxurious adventure designed for discerning travellers.

Best Time to Visit:

Bhutan offers distinct experiences throughout the year. Consider these ideal seasons for your Luxury Bhutan Tour:

  • Spring (March-May): Enjoy pleasant temperatures, vibrant wildflowers in bloom, and cultural festivals like Paro Tshechu.
  • Autumn (September-November): Witness crystal-clear skies, breathtaking mountain vistas, and comfortable temperatures for exploration.


Indulge in unparalleled luxury throughout your journey. We meticulously select minimum 4-star hotels and eco-lodges in each location, ensuring an environment of unparalleled comfort and tranquillity. Expect:Paro Airport Bhutan Travel

  • Spacious and elegantly appointed rooms featuring breathtaking mountain views or charming town settings
  • Impeccable service and meticulous attention to detail, catering to your every need


Travel in style and comfort with a dedicated, air-conditioned vehicle at your disposal throughout the itinerary. Our experienced drivers ensure a safe and smooth journey, allowing you to relax and soak in the scenery.

Your Expert Guide:

Your knowledgeable and English-speaking guide will be your companion throughout the tour. Gain valuable insights into Bhutanese culture, history, and traditions. Their expertise will ensure a seamless and enriching experience.

Visa Information:

Bhutan requires a visa for most nationalities. To ensure a smooth application process, please be aware of the following:

  • Visa Processing Time: We recommend applying for your visa at least 3 working days prior to your desired arrival date in Bhutan.
  • Visa Assistance: We can guide you through the visa application process and provide any necessary documentation. Please contact us for further details.Bhutan Tour Tiger Nest

Additional Information:

  • Customization: This itinerary is a suggestion and can be tailored to your preferences. Whether you’re interested in trekking, festivals, or cultural immersion, we can craft a tour that exceeds your expectations.
  • Airfare & Travel Insurance: Airfare and visa fees are not included, providing flexibility for you to arrange your flights and obtain travel insurance. We can offer guidance on both the visa application process and travel insurance options.

Why Choose Our Luxury Bhutan Tour?

  • Unforgettable Experiences: Explore Dzongs, monasteries, and breathtaking landscapes, all while enjoying unparalleled comfort and service in luxurious 4-star accommodations.
  • Cultural Immersion: Gain a deeper understanding of Bhutanese culture and traditions through interactions with locals and visits to significant sites.
  • Seamless Travel: Relax and let us take care of the logistics, including visa guidance. Our experienced team will ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey.
  • Authentic Flavors: Savor delicious Bhutanese cuisine and international options throughout your tour, catering to diverse palates.
  • Sustainable Practices: We are committed to responsible tourism and support local communities and conservation efforts.Bhutan Travel Nepal Tour

Ready to begin your dream Bhutan adventure? Contact us today to craft your personalized Luxury Bhutan Tour!

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FAQs about Luxury Bhutan Tour

Spring (March-May) offers pleasant weather & festivals, while Autumn (Sept-Nov) boasts clear skies & comfortable exploration.

Relax in meticulously chosen minimum 4-star hotels and eco-lodges throughout your journey.

Allow at least 3 working days before your arrival date to ensure a smooth visa application process.

Absolutely! Participate in cultural activities like archery competitions or traditional ceremonies.

Yes! We craft personalized itineraries to suit your preferences, whether it’s trekking, festivals, or cultural immersion.

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