6 Nights 7 Days Bhutan Tour

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6 Nights 7 Days Bhutan Tour
Trip Duration 7 Days
Max-Altitude 1500
Group Size 1-15
Start & End Point Kathmandu
Trip Difficulty Easy
Best Season Spring and Autumn
Trip Price
US$ 2900
US$ 2630 Per Person
Trip Introduction

Overview of 6 Nights 7 Days Bhutan Tour

Embark on an extraordinary 6 Nights 7 Days Bhutan Tour, meticulously crafted to showcase this mystical country’s enchanting landscapes, unique culture, and revered traditions. Our comprehensive itinerary covers the prominent cities of Paro, Thimphu, Gangtey, and Punakha, offering an authentic Bhutanese experience for discerning travelers.

Tour Highlights: A Snapshot of Your Journey

  • Awe-Inspiring Flights: The journey begins and ends with scenic flights over the majestic Himalayas, providing unparalleled views of the towering peaks.
  • Cultural Richness of Thimphu: Explore Bhutan’s capital, known for its vibrant culture, bustling markets, and friendly locals.
  • Scenic Beauty of Punakha Valley: Drive through the lush landscapes and across the breathtaking Dochula Pass, offering vistas of snow-capped mountains.
  • Architectural Marvels: Visit historical fortresses like Punakha Dzong and spiritual sites like Chimi Lhakhang.
  • Gangtey Valley’s Serenity: Discover the hidden gem of Gangtey Valley and its renowned monastery.
  • Tiger’s Nest Monastery Trek: Embark on a trek to the iconic monastery, a highlight of your Bhutan tour.
Trip Schedule

Itinerary of 6 Nights 7 Days Bhutan Tour

Accommodation Local Teahouse
Meals Breakfast

Upon your arrival at Paro Airport, our representative will warmly welcome you and escort you to your hotel. Acclimatize to the altitude and spend the day leisurely exploring the nearby attractions. Relish a scrumptious traditional Bhutanese dinner at your hotel.

Accommodation Local Teahouse
Meals Breakfast

Post breakfast, set out on an exciting day of sightseeing in Thimphu, Bhutan’s capital city. Unravel the city’s distinctive culture and traditions as you visit notable landmarks and converse with amiable locals. Conclude the day with dinner and a comfortable overnight stay at your hotel.

Accommodation Local Teahouse
Meals Breakfast

After a hearty breakfast, begin your voyage to the scenic Gangtey Valley. The drive presents captivating views of Bhutan’s diverse landscapes. Upon arrival in Gangtey, explore the valley’s splendor and visit the famed Gangtey Monastery. Delight in dinner and an overnight stay at your hotel.

Accommodation Local Teahouse
Meals Breakfast

Depart for Punakha and Wangdue after breakfast, meandering through the verdant Bhutanese countryside. Tour the imposing Punakha Dzong and the celebrated Chimi Lhakhang, a revered Buddhist temple. Relish dinner and an overnight stay at your hotel.

Accommodation Local Teahouse
Meals Breakfast

Post breakfast, journey back to Paro, where you’ll have ample time to delve deeper into the city’s cultural attractions and interact with the ever-friendly locals. Enjoy a traditional Bhutanese dinner at your hotel.

Accommodation Local Teahouse
Meals Breakfast

Embrace the challenge of a rewarding hike to the hallowed Tiger’s Nest Monastery, perched high on a cliffside. This sacred sanctuary offers awe-inspiring views of the Paro Valley and serves as a significant pilgrimage site for Buddhists. Return to your hotel for dinner and an overnight stay.

Accommodation Local Teahouse
Meals Breakfast

After breakfast, bid adieu to the bewitching kingdom of Bhutan as you are transferred to Paro Airport for your departure flight. Cherish the unforgettable memories of your 6 Nights 7 Days Bhutan Tour as you embark on your journey back home.

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What's Included?

  • Comfortable accommodation on a twin-sharing/single-room basis, depending on the number of travellers
  • Daily breakfast and dinner are served at the hotel, with lunch provided at local restaurants.
  • Comprehensive transfers and sightseeing experiences as per the itinerary, ensuring a seamless travel experience
  • Knowledgeable English-speaking guide accompanying you throughout the journey, providing valuable insights and information
  • Government royalties and taxes, ensuring a hassle-free travel experience
  • Entrance fees for all included attractions allowing for seamless access to cultural and historical sites
  • Provision of two water bottles per person per day in the vehicle, ensuring proper hydration throughout the journey

What's Excluded?

  • Insurance coverage of any kind, including medical expenses
  • Beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, allow for personal preferences and dietary requirements
  • Personal expenses such as tipping, laundry, telephone/fax calls, and camera/video fees
  • Airfare, visa fees, and airport taxes provide flexibility for travellers to arrange their own flights and visa requirements
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Essential Information - 6 Nights 7 Days Bhutan Tour

The Adventure Begins: Arrival and Acclimatization

Upon landing at Paro Airport, the gateway to this enchanting realm, our representative will greet you with traditional Bhutanese hospitality. As you acclimate to the altitude, take the opportunity to leisurely explore the nearby attractions. The serene atmosphere of Paro, coupled with its rich cultural tapestry, offers a gentle introduction to the wonders that await.

Thimphu: A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

Next, immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Thimphu, Bhutan’s capital. This city is a fascinating blend of the traditional and the contemporary, where ancient monasteries stand alongside modern cafes and art galleries. Spend a day sightseeing, visiting renowned landmarks such as the Memorial Chorten and the Buddha Dordenma statue, and engaging with the friendly locals. The bustling markets, filled with colorful handicrafts and textiles, offer a glimpse into Bhutan’s artistic heritage.

The Scenic Route to Gangtey Valley

Your journey continues to the picturesque Gangtey Valley, a testament to Bhutan’s diverse landscapes. The drive itself is a highlight, offering stunning views of the rugged terrain and lush forests. Upon reaching Gangtey, the valley’s tranquility and natural beauty are immediately apparent. Visit the Gangtey Monastery, an important center of spiritual learning, and soak in the peaceful ambiance.

Punakha and Wangdue: Exploring Bhutan’s Heartland

As the tour progresses, you’ll travel to Punakha and Wangdue, two districts known for their rich history and stunning dzongs (fortresses). In Punakha, explore the impressive Punakha Dzong, beautifully located at the confluence of two rivers. Wangdue’s rustic charm complements the experience, offering insights into rural Bhutanese life.

Crossing the Majestic Dochula Pass

One of the tour’s highlights is crossing the Dochula Pass. At 3,050 meters, this pass offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Himalayan range. The sight of snow-capped peaks stretching into the distance is a memory that will stay with you long after the tour ends.

The Spiritual Highlight: Tiger’s Nest Monastery

Perhaps the most anticipated part of the 6 Nights 7 Days Bhutan Tour is the hike to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery (Paro Taktsang). Perched precariously on a cliffside, this sacred monastery is an architectural marvel and a place of deep spiritual significance. The hike up to Tiger’s Nest is both challenging and rewarding, offering stunning views of the Paro Valley below.

Cultural Immersion in Paro

Back in Paro, delve deeper into Bhutanese culture. Visit traditional houses, interact with locals, and learn about the daily life and customs of the Bhutanese people. The Paro Rinpung Dzong and the National Museum are must-visits, offering insights into the kingdom’s history and art.

Farewell to the Land of the Thunder Dragon

As your 6 Nights 7 Days Bhutan Tour concludes, a sense of fulfilment accompanies the farewell. After enjoying a final Bhutanese breakfast, you will be escorted to Paro Airport for your departure flight. The memories of this journey – the majestic landscapes, the spiritual encounters, and the hospitality of the Bhutanese people – will surely linger in your heart.

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