Everest Mountain Flight

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Trip Duration 1 Hour
Max-Altitude 1400
Group Size 1-15
Start & End Point Kathmandu
Trip Difficulty Easy
Best Season Spring and Autumn
Trip Price
US$ 248
US$ 235 Per Person
Trip Introduction

Overview of Everest Mountain Flight

Discover the beauty of Mount Everest like never before with our Everest Mountain Flight. This 1-hour scenic flight offered every morning at 6:15 AM and 7:15 AM is the perfect way to experience Everest’s magnificence without trekking’s challenges. It’s an accessible and awe-inspiring adventure suitable for everyone.

Our Everest Flight is the best and easiest way to encounter the majestic Everest. Often described as the “shortest way to see Everest,” this flight provides a unique perspective on the world’s highest peak.

You’ll be part of an exclusive experience, soaring high above the rugged terrain and witnessing the breathtaking landscapes that make the Everest region so renowned.

Join us on this Everest Scenic Flight and embrace the opportunity to see Mount Everest in full glory. It’s more than just a flight; it’s your gateway to the top of the world, offering a memorable and effortless way to explore the highest heights. This Mount Everest Flight is a must-do for anyone who dreams of experiencing Everest’s iconic beauty up close.

Trip Schedule

Itinerary of Everest Mountain Flight

Accommodation Local Teahouse
Meals Breakfast
Hotel Pickup in Kathmandu: Begin Your Everest Adventure

Start your Everest Mountain Flight adventure with a convenient hotel pickup in Kathmandu, ensuring a seamless beginning to your journey.

Everest Moutain Flight best season

Smooth Check-In Process for Your Everest Scenic Flight

Experience a hassle-free check-in at the airport for your Everest Mountain Flight. Receive a detailed briefing about the flight, emphasizing safety and the spectacular sights ahead.

The Highlight: Soaring Over Mount Everest

Embark on an exhilarating flight departing from Kathmandu, offering stunning Himalayan views. The climax is the spectacular sight of Mount Everest, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Return Journey: Reflecting on Your Everest Flight Experience

After your awe-inspiring Mount Everest Flight, return comfortably to Kathmandu. Reflect on the extraordinary sights of Everest as you’re transferred back to your hotel.

Your Complete Everest Flight Experience

Every element of your Everest Mountain Flight is meticulously planned, from the initial hotel pickup to the breathtaking aerial views.

Shree Airlines Everest Mountain Flight

This journey isn’t just a flight; it explores the world’s most famous mountain range from a unique aerial vantage point.

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What's Included?

  • Everest View Flight with Guaranteed Window Seat: Experience a mesmerizing 1-hour flight offering panoramic views of the Himalayas. Each ticket ensures a window seat for an unobstructed glimpse of Everest’s grandeur.
  • Round-Trip Private Transfers: Benefit from exclusive round-trip private car transfers between the airport and your hotel. Enjoy a stress-free, comfortable journey, enhancing your anticipation of the scenic flight.

What's Excluded?

  • Additional Sightseeing Tours: The package does not include guided tours or sightseeing activities beyond the 1-hour  Everest Mountain flight.
  • Gratuities: Tips for drivers or flight staff are not included and are at the guest’s discretion.
Good to Know

Essential Information - Everest Mountain Flight

Best Season for an Everest Mountain Flight

Selecting the perfect season for your Everest Mountain Flight is essential to experiencing the full majesty of this unparalleled aerial journey. Each season in the Himalayas unfolds a unique canvas, making your Everest Scenic Flight a distinct and memorable event.

Spring’s blossoming landscapes, the crystal-clear winter skies, and the lush monsoon greenery all contribute to the diverse beauty of the Everest Experience Flight.

Everest Scenic Flight

This exploration into the seasonal variations of the Himalayas will assist you in determining the ideal time for your Everest Flight, ensuring that your adventure is as breathtaking and awe-inspiring as possible. Whether you’re drawn to the serene clarity of autumn or the vibrant vitality of the monsoon, understanding these seasonal changes is crucial to planning a mountain flight that exceeds your expectations.

Spring (March to May): The Ideal Time for an Everest Experience Flight

Spring, stretching from March to May, is arguably the best season for an Everest Scenic Flight. The Himalayas reveal themselves in full glory during these months, thanks to the melting snows and increasingly stable weather. The visibility is unparalleled, with crystal-clear skies offering uninterrupted views of Mount Everest and its neighbouring peaks.

This period is perfect for capturing stunning photographs, making it a favourite for photographers and nature enthusiasts. Additionally, the moderate temperatures during Spring make the Everest Mountain Flight a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Everest Mountain Flight in Spring

The lower regions of the Himalayas are in full bloom, with rhododendrons and wildflowers creating a colourful tapestry that enhances the scenic beauty. This season also sees fewer clouds and fog, ensuring that your Everest Experience Flight is not just a flight but a feast for the eyes, presenting the majestic peaks in their most accessible and splendid form.

Summer/Monsoon (June to August): A Lush Perspective on Everest Scenic Flight

The summer months, from June to August, coincide with the monsoon season in the Himalayas. This season transforms the landscape into a vibrant canvas of lush greenery, offering a unique perspective for an Everest Scenic Flight. While this season is often overlooked due to the potential for rain and clouds, the moments of clarity present the Everest range in a dramatically different light.

The valleys and hills below are a deep green, and the air is freshly washed by the monsoon rains, providing a clear view when the weather is favourable. During the monsoon, the Everest Experience Flight can be a gamble with the weather, but the rewards are spectacular.

The rain-fed rivers swell, and waterfalls cascade down the mountainsides, adding to the dramatic scenery. However, passengers should be prepared for possible delays or rescheduling due to weather conditions, as safety is paramount in these Everest Flights.

Autumn (September to November): The Peak Season for Everest Mountain Flight

Autumn, spanning from September to November, is another peak season for undertaking an Everest Mountain Flight. Post-monsoon, the air clears up, bringing back the crystal-clear skies that offer magnificent views of Everest and the entire Himalayan range.

The weather is predominantly stable, with minimal cloud cover, ensuring consistent conditions for flying. Temperatures during Autumn are relaxed and comfortable, contributing to a pleasant Everest Scenic Flight experience.

Everest Scenic Flight Nepal

This season is also culturally vibrant, with several local festivals occurring in Nepal, potentially adding a cultural element to your trip. The autumnal light gives the peaks a soft, golden hue, enhancing their majestic and awe-inspiring appearance.

For travellers seeking reliability in weather and extraordinary views, Autumn is an ideal time for the Everest Experience Flight, combining natural beauty with favourable flying conditions.

Your Monthly Guide to Planning the Ultimate Everest Mountain Flight

Embarking on an Everest Mountain Flight is the experience of a lifetime, and choosing the suitable month can make all the difference. This guide provides a month-by-month breakdown to help you plan the perfect Everest Scenic Flight, ensuring an unforgettable Everest Experience Flight.

January: The heart of winter offers clear skies and dramatic, snow-covered vistas. It’s cold, but the views of the Himalayan range are spectacular, making it ideal for photographers.

February: As winter continues, the clarity of the skies remains, providing breathtaking views. It’s still chilly, but the decreasing cold makes the experience more comfortable.

March: Marking the beginning of spring, March offers a blend of snow and emerging greenery, with more stable weather patterns setting in, ideal for clear views.

April: Spring is in full bloom, offering warmer temperatures and stunning views of the Himalayas amidst colourful rhododendrons and clear skies.

Everest Flight

May: As spring peaks, May presents clear, sunny days, perfect for those seeking vivid, uninterrupted views of Mount Everest and its surroundings.

June: The onset of the monsoon season brings lush landscapes, but flights may be subject to delays due to weather, offering a unique experience for flexible travellers.

July: Deep into the monsoon, July offers a chance to see the Himalayas in their most vibrant state, though weather-related disruptions are expected.

August: Concluding the monsoon, August still has lush greenery and occasional clear days, suitable for those willing to take a chance on the weather.

September: The beginning of autumn brings back the clear, stable weather, making it one of the best times for an Everest Flight with crisp visibility.

October: Arguably the best month, October offers clear blue skies, moderate temperatures, and the best views of the Himalayas, ideal for the Everest Experience Flight.

November: As autumn progresses, November maintains good visibility and cooler temperatures, continuing to offer excellent conditions for a scenic flight.

December: The onset of winter brings colder weather but rewards with some of the clearest skies and most tranquil flying conditions of the year.

Every month offers a unique perspective of Everest, and this guide aims to help you choose the best time for your journey, making your Everest Mountain Flight a truly magnificent experience.

Everest Mountain Flight December

Everest Mountain Flight Price: A Journey Within Reach

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the Himalayas with the Everest Mountain Flight, an adventure that combines breathtaking views with affordability.

This excursion offers a unique opportunity to witness the grandeur of the Himalayan range, including Mount Everest, at prices that make it accessible to a broader audience, breaking the traditional cost barriers.

Nepali and Indian Nationals: Special Rates for an Exquisite Experience

For Nepali citizens, the Everest Mountain Flight is priced attractively at NPR 15,000 per person, allowing locals to explore the beauty of their country from an extraordinary vantage point.

This special rate ensures the flight is within reach for those in Nepal. Likewise, Indian nationals can avail themselves of this magnificent journey for just INR 9,375 each.

These competitive prices have made the Everest Mountain Flight a popular excursion for visitors from India, offering an affordable way to witness the majesty of the Himalayas.

International Travelers: Competitive Everest Mountain Flight Pricing for a Global Audience

International tourists can also embark on this unforgettable journey with the Everest Mountain Flight, priced at USD 248. This cost-effective rate makes the flight an accessible experience for global adventurers, allowing them to witness the iconic peaks of Everest and its neighbours without breaking the bank.

Everest Mountain Flight: Pricing and Timing for the Best Experience

Selecting the right time for your Everest Mountain Flight is as essential as the cost to enjoy the full splendour of the Himalayas. The ideal months for this journey are March, April, May, October, November, and December.

In these months, the price of the Everest Mountain Flight offers exceptional value, as the clear skies provide the most stunning views of the towering peaks.

Everest Moutain Flight best season

The rates during these periods are a small price to pay for the unparalleled experience of seeing the world’s highest mountain up close. Whether you are a local, a neighbouring country citizen, or an international traveller, the Everest Mountain Flight offers an affordable rate for everyone, ensuring this majestic experience is within reach.

Choosing the Ideal Airline for Your Everest Mountain Flight Experience

Selecting the right airline is a pivotal part of planning your Everest Mountain Flight, as it can significantly enhance your overall experience. Prominent airlines like Buddha Air, Yeti Airlines, and Shree Airlines are renowned for their exceptional service and are the top picks for this extraordinary expedition.

These airlines are equipped with modern aircraft and staffed by experienced pilots, guaranteeing a safe journey and an unforgettable glimpse of the Himalayas.

Buddha Air: Your Gateway to the Everest Experience

Buddha Air is a leading choice for travellers on an Everest Mountain Flight. Renowned for its reliability and exceptional service, Buddha Air offers a fleet of modern, well-maintained aircraft, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey.

Seasoned professionals pilot their flights to Everest, adept at navigating the Himalayas, providing passengers with breathtaking views of the world’s highest peaks.

Buddha Air’s commitment to safety and customer satisfaction makes it a preferred airline for those seeking an unforgettable Everest Scenic Flight. Their tailored flight schedules cater to various preferences, making Buddha Air a top pick for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Buddha Air Everest Mountain Flight

Yeti Airlines: A Trusted Partner for Your Himalayan Adventure

Yeti Airlines is a popular choice for travellers looking to experience the Everest Mountain Flight. Known for its excellent customer service and strong safety record, Yeti Airlines offers a unique opportunity to witness the splendour of the Himalayas.

Their flights are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and are helmed by experienced pilots, ensuring a smooth and memorable journey.

Yeti Airlines’ flights to Everest provide passengers with unparalleled views of the majestic mountain range, making every trip an exceptional experience. The airline’s flexible scheduling options allow travellers to integrate an Everest Scenic Flight into their Nepal visit.

Shree Airlines: Elevating Your Everest Flight Experience

Shree Airlines is a distinguished choice for the Everest Mountain Flight, known for its high-quality service and dependable performance. With a fleet of advanced aircraft, Shree Airlines ensures a safe, comfortable, and awe-inspiring journey to the top of the world.

Their experienced pilots and attentive cabin crew work tirelessly to provide an exceptional experience, showcasing the magnificence of Mount Everest and its surroundings. Shree Airlines offers convenient flight times, making it easier for travellers to plan their

Everest Scenic Flight in a way that fits their itinerary. Each flight with Shree Airlines is more than just a journey; it’s an opportunity to create lifelong memories, soaring above the Himalayas with a front-row seat to nature’s grandeur.

The airline’s dedication to safety and commitment to delivering extraordinary experiences make Shree Airlines a superb choice for your Everest Mountain Flight.

Shree Airlines Everest Mountain Flight

Mountains seen during Everest Scenic Flight: A Panoramic View during Everest Mountain Flight

Embarking on an Everest Mountain Flight, you are treated to an array of spectacular peaks, each contributing to a panoramic visual feast. One of the first notable mountains is Dorje Lakpa, soaring at 6,966 meters and presenting a majestic profile against the sky. As the flight continues, you encounter Choba-Bhamare, an exquisite peak at 5,933 meters.

The imposing Gauri Shankar, reaching 7,134 meters, captivates with its formidable presence. Each of these mountains, with their distinct features and histories, adds a unique element to the scenic tapestry of the Himalayas, enhancing the Everest Experience Flight.

The Heart of the Himalayas

The core of the Everest Mountain Flight experience lies in the heart of the Himalayas. Peaks like Melungtse (7,023 m), Chugimago (6,927 m), and Karyolung (6,511 m) enrich the journey, weaving an enchanting narrative of nature’s splendour. A special mention goes to Langtang Lirung, who stands proudly at 7,234 meters.

With its impressive stature, this peak embodies the spirit and essence of the Himalayan range, offering a mesmerizing sight that stays with travellers long after the flight.

The Pinnacle of the Everest Mountain Flight: Everest

The crescendo of the Everest Mountain Flight is the awe-inspiring view of Mount Everest itself. At an astonishing altitude of 8,848 meters, Everest’s peak is more than just a geographical landmark; it symbolises nature’s unparalleled grandeur.

The flight provides a rare and unique perspective of this iconic mountain, a view few people experience. Seeing Everest up close, dominating the skyline, is not just a highlight of the flight; it’s a moment that encapsulates the wonder and majesty of the Himalayas, making the Everest Scenic Flight an unforgettable adventure.

Everest Mt Flight

How high I will be flying during the Everest Mountain Flight

The Everest Mountain Flight distinguishes itself as an extraordinary adventure by reaching an incredible cruising altitude of 25,000 feet. This elevation brings passengers tantalizingly close to the world’s highest peak, a dream altitude for many.

At this remarkable height, the flight aligns almost level with some of the tallest mountains on the planet, offering a unique and breathtaking perspective of the Himalayas.

The experience of soaring at 25,000 feet is unparalleled. As the plane climbs, passengers are treated to a surreal and humbling view. The vastness and majesty of the Himalayan range unfold beneath you, offering a panoramic spectacle of its towering peaks and ridges.

From this vantage point, Mount Everest and its neighbouring giants are seen in all their glory, presenting a scene that is as emotionally stirring as it is visually stunning.

This altitude is not just a number; it represents a journey into the heart of the Himalayas, showcasing the incredible capabilities of modern aviation while bringing the timeless allure of the Earth’s highest peaks closer than ever before. The Everest Mountain Flight at 25,000 feet is more than a scenic tour; it’s an opportunity to witness the grandeur of nature from a perspective that few have the privilege to see.

Everest Mountain Flight Time: An Early Start to Majestic Views

The Everest Mountain Flight offers a unique start to the day, filled with awe-inspiring sights and unforgettable moments. These flights commence early, with the first flight taking off at 6:15 AM and the second at 7:15 AM.

This early timing is meticulously chosen to present passengers with the serene beauty of the Himalayas under the soft, ethereal glow of the early morning sun. The morning light bathes the peaks in a magical hue, creating the perfect conditions for capturing the Himalayan range in its most enchanting form.

Picture of Everest Mountain Flight

During this 50-minute journey, passengers are spectators and participants in an extraordinary experience. Every passenger is guaranteed a window seat, a thoughtful arrangement that ensures everyone has an unobstructed, personal view of the spectacular scenery.

Imagine being just 20 miles from Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak. As the flight nears this majestic mountain, you witness its grandeur and the stunning landscape in full glory.

The timing of the Everest Mountain Flight is strategically set to maximize the visual splendour and emotional impact of seeing the Himalayas. It’s an opportunity to witness the beauty of these peaks in a way that ground-based travel cannot match.

This flight is not just a journey; it’s a 50-minute voyage into the heart of the Himalayas, offering a perspective that stays with you long after you’ve returned to the ground.

Weather-Related Contingencies for Everest Mountain Flights with Our Company

At our company, we understand that the unpredictability of Himalayan weather matches the allure of an Everest Mountain Flight. We have established clear contingency plans for weather-related disruptions to ensure our guests have peace of mind.

  1. Rescheduling Options: If a flight is cancelled due to adverse weather, we offer the flexibility to reschedule for the next day. This option is ideal for guests whose travel plans are adaptable, allowing another opportunity to experience the breathtaking views of the Everest range under more favourable weather conditions.
  2. Refund Policy: If rescheduling is not an option for you, our company provides a refund. This refund will be paid minus a $25 airport transportation charge. This charge is necessary to cover the initial transportation and airport handling costs incurred by our company. We strive to make this process as smooth and transparent as possible for our guests.

Everest Mountain Flight Nepal Picture

Our company prioritizes customer satisfaction and safety above all else. We are committed to providing clear communication and flexible solutions in case of any unforeseen changes due to weather conditions.

We recommend guests have a flexible approach and consider these potential scenarios when planning their Everest Mountain Flight. Rest assured, our team will do everything possible to accommodate your needs and ensure your experience with us is memorable and enjoyable, regardless of the weather’s unpredictability.

Book Your Everest Mountain Flight with Trek Nepal Himalayas Pvt Ltd

Commence on an unforgettable journey with Trek Nepal Himalayas Pvt Ltd, where you can confidently and efficiently book your Everest Mountain Flight. Our commitment to flexibility and customer satisfaction ensures that your adventure to witness the majestic Himalayas is seamless and stress-free.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances leading to flight cancellations, our policies are designed to prioritize your convenience and peace of mind.

  1. Flexible Rescheduling: Understanding the unpredictable nature of mountain weather, we offer the option to reschedule your flight for the next available date. This flexibility allows you to still enjoy the awe-inspiring beauty of the Everest range without additional stress.
  2. Full Refund Guarantee: If rescheduling is unsuitable for your itinerary, Trek Nepal Himalayas Pvt Ltd provides a full refund, ensuring your investment is protected. We believe in transparency and fairness in all our transactions, ensuring your experience with us is as rewarding as the adventure itself.

Everest Flight Nepal

Secure your spot on this once-in-a-lifetime Everest Mountain Flight and prepare to be captivated by the breathtaking vistas of the Himalayas. Your adventure with Trek Nepal Himalayas Pvt Ltd is more than just a flight; it’s a journey into the heart of the world’s most iconic mountain range.

Helicopter Tours Alternative

For those seeking a more intimate and flexible exploration of the Himalayas, Trek Nepal Himalayas Pvt Ltd also offers a range of helicopter tours. These tours provide a unique perspective of Everest and its surroundings, with the added benefit of being able to land closer to specific landmarks and enjoy more personalized exploration.

Full-Day Everest Helicopter Tour with Village Walk

Helicopter tours are an excellent alternative for those who wish for a different kind of aerial adventure in the Himalayas. Whether you choose the classic Everest Mountain Flight or a helicopter tour, your experience with us will be filled with awe-inspiring moments and breathtaking panoramas.

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